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DOMINION-ized by WinxC1ub DOMINION-ized by WinxC1ub
We always see the effects magic like DOMINION have on others AROUND the victim, but what about the victims themselves? A book my sister's been having me read got me thinking about this. The book is called The Host, and it's about this soul who get's to know her human host, Melenie. We get to see how miserable Melanie is, not being able to move her arms and legs, she can't speak outloud, her entire life is being controled by this centipied-like alien, and what's worse, that alien is trying to use her memories to find her lover and little brother and turn them into hosts like her!

I started thinking how that's kinda similar to the DOMINION card(Chaos Cardcaptor Sakura- drakethedualist), and what it would be like to be concious while DOMINION is forcing you to attack your loved ones. For this picture, I had to chose between either Sakura(DOMINION's victim in C3S) or Hanna(DOMINION's victim in CCH). I chose Hanna, mainly because it would have been a worse experience for her. By the time Lycon uses DOMINION on Sakura, she's already been consumed by the Elixer of Fire. Orchid(Sakura's name with the Elixer) doesn't care if she hurts Syaoran or Tomoyo. Infact if anything she was probably thinking how she was gonna get back at Lycon once she was free. Hanna on the other hand, dosn't have this issue. Here she is, attacking her little brother and his friend, while Renae is off capturing her 3rd KAOS CARD.

So, basicaly, this is Hanna as DOMINION takes it's hold on her.
All rights reserved.
Chaos Cardcaptor Sakura and all it's original cards and characters belong to drakethedualist
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January 22, 2009
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